French Chiropractic Social Distancing Protocol

As an essential business, French Chiropractic is committed to ensuring a safe, sterilized and healthy environment for employees and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and currently follows CDC guidelines to limit potential exposure risks while providing care to patients. The following is our social distancing protocol as of April 12, 2020:

  • Limited operating hours: We are limiting person to person contact by decreasing the # of days per week we are open to serve the public from 4 days per week to 2 days per week with limited hours. Current hours of operation are: Mondays and Thursdays from 11am – 6pm.


  • Limiting # of patients in the office together at one time: No drop-in appointments at this time. Patients are seen by appointment only and appointments are staggered to not allow more than one patient/family unit in the office at a time.
    • If you do arrive to the office for your appointment and see another patient still inside the office, please wait outside to enter until the other patient has left and maintain a 6 foot distance at all times.


  • Screening patients/employees for symptoms: NO ONE is to enter the facility with a cough or fever. Patients are asked to cancel their appointments and NOT come to the office if you are feeling ill or experiencing symptoms. Contact your primary care provider if you are experiencing symptoms. Office has thermometer available to take temperature of each patient. Dr. French is also monitoring self for any symptoms and takes temperature daily.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): French wears a mask and gloves during every interaction with each patient. Gloves are changed between each patient to prevent cross-contamination. Dr. French washes hands frequently and after each patient.


  • Sanitization:
    • All patient surfaces including adjusting tables, counters, chairs, pens/writing utensils and other surfaces are disinfected and sanitized after each patient and frequently throughout the day.
    • Soap and water is available to all patients and Dr French in the restroom.
    • Contactless payment methods are preferred. When not feasible, payment systems/portals can be used and are sanitized after each patient. When necessary, exchange of cash is done indirectly with cash placed on counter to prevent any direct contact between patient and Dr. French.


You may contact the following person with any questions or comments about this protocol:

Name: Dr. Ronald French, D.C.                              Phone Number: (805) 253-2225